This question, which usually arises during long holiday periods, has become even more important with the recent PANDEMIC and the subsequent curfews.

The printheads on all your printing machines are the most expensive and important parts.

When we have to not start the machine and keep it closed for a long time, the paint in the head and installation will start drying by contact with the air.

The time of this drying varies according to the characteristics of the paints.
a: Since textile dyes are water-based, waiting times are longer,
b: UV dyes are oil-based, which have long waiting times
c: Eco solvent dyes can dry out more quickly than Textile and UV dyes.
d: Solvent paints can dry out more quickly than the above paints.
(Let's not forget that there may be changes in drying times according to their quality.)

Now, with what methods can we protect these printheads and our machine.

1. If you open your workplace every day, but do not use the machine because there is no work, you can drain the expected paint inside the heads, print it to cover all colors a little, wipe the heads with cleaning fluid after the process is finished, then turn off the machine by putting enough cleaning fluid back in the appropriate area at the closing station.

2. In cases where the downtime does not exceed one week, the cleaning fluid placed in the closing station sufficiently will prevent the paint on the heads from drying out.

3.If the downtime is more than a week, it is safer to remove the paints from the machine and press cleaning fluid on the entire installation. (Some machines may have a cleaning fluid pressing system on the heads, you can also use this system. But let's not forget that in addition to heads, hose installations may dry out during long waits.)

4.In order to draw cleaning fluid into the installation in machines using epson head, you can separate the paint tanks and cartridges from the system, immerse the hoses in the liter can with cleaning fluid and wash them with cleaning fluid on all installation dampers and heads with the help of Fillink from the software or machine screen.

Information: According to machine models, the instructions for removing paint from all installations may vary.

You can get help from our Technical Service team for detailed information.

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In digital printing technologies, everyone has used the printers and printheads produced by Epson at least once today. Those who did not have a printing press at least used Epson machines as printers in their homes or offices.

There have been many machines in the advertising industry that use Epson heads for many years, for example, apart from the machines produced by Epson themselves, roland, MIMAKI, MUTOH, etc. machines have used these heads. In recent years, these heads have started to be used in many small-scale machines produced in the Far East (China).

Of course, the head, which is called Epson DX5 (F186000) in our market, is a more well-known model. In the future, Epson company put many different head models in their own printers and launched them, machine manufacturers in the far east added these heads to the machines they produced and created cheaper, faster, machines, in this case sometimes epson firm persisted by adding CODE to the heads, but as a result they still continue to perform the tasks of Epson-headed machines.

A little more technically.  Codes such as DX-*** / EPS*** / WF*** in printheads are not the codes used by EPSON. The factory uses codes like F***.
Names such as DX-TX on the market are the model number of the printer that the head was first installed with, or the names given by machine manufacturers in the far east.

DX-12-13,14,15,16,17 from companies selling machinery in our country or abroad...... you can hear names that go on and on. There's no rule that quality and speed increase as the number goes up.
For example, the XP-600 (model number of the desktop printer) 6 Color head is generally nicknamed DX-9 and DX-11, but another vendor can also call it the DX-13 or DX333.

For the long-term operation of the machine, other components besides the printing head in machines using Epson head and the technical knowledge and skill of the seller company are also an important factor.

General known names DX5 DX6 DX7 DX8-DX10 DX9-DX11 EPS3200
Head Pictures
Factory Code F186000 F191010 F189000 F192040 FA09000 WF-4720
Other names TX-800 XP600 Textiles: 5113
Color support 8 Channels 10 Channels 8 Channels 6 Channels 6 With blood 4 Channels
Number of nozzles 1440 3600 1440 1080 1080 3200
Paint supported by ECO SOLVENT – TEXTILE – UV
Information One of the most used heads Roland used machines like Epson. DX5 is released after the head, A short-lived, inexpensive head Dx5 is 20% faster, cheaper than Dx7 Dx5 is 30% faster than Dx7


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